Show Room

The second half of class we hung up our chairs in the show room in Dana for the student art work show. The chairs were our first drawing in the class. hanging the drawing was quite a challenge. First we measured the size of the room so that the drawings would equally spaced. Next after finding the middle of the room we hung the first chair. But getting the pins in the wall was no easy, you had to push them in from an angle. After finally finishing hanging all the chairs we realized that we had measured the room wrong and so there was not enough room for all the chairs to fit equally on the wall. So we had to start all over again. But it only about forty minutes to do the entire proses. It was definitely an interesting experience, I have never worked with anything to do with an art show room. I can see all the hard work that goes into creating one.


I really liked Erin’s Marta project. She did peoples shoes on Marta and took pictures of them. I enjoyed this project of what it represented. You could tell the purpose of the person just from what shoes they were wearing and I found that very intriguing. Also she presented her project with a book in the shape of a shoe. Inside were pictures she took of peoples shoes on Marta. I felt the pictures could have been bigger though and more colorful. But all together I really liked her project and the story behind each person shoes.

Marta project

For my Marta project I had a lot ideas and was not quit sure what direction I was going to take. My first thought was to do the stairs on Marta but after riding the it something else caught my eye. I noticed that in at least the stations I was passing there seemed to be a decorative mural  inside the station. After that trip on Marta I had made the decision to base my project on the murals. My next Marta excursion was from the Decatur station to the Midtown station. First I took pictures in the Decatur station but I got yelled at my the lady working because apparently it is illegal to take pictures in Marat. Next I tried to take pictures at passing stations but the flash on my camera reflected off the glass of the train causing just a blur of light as the result. Then I had to switch trains at Five Points station and this is my favorite station. It is my favorite because of the arches and the architecture in them. They are molded and look very old and fancy compared to the other decorations in the other stations. So after taking pictures of those I arrived at my destination, Midtown, where I took my final pictures of the artistic murals in that station.

After I printed out all of my pictures I decided that I wanted to make a collage out of them and call it Marta Arta because my project was on the art in Marta.  After laying out all of my photos the way I wanted to on the poster board I decided to hold them down with blue tape. I did this to make my project uglier to represent the negative connotation that surrounds Marta even though it is actually a lovely built useful transportation system.


In class we were lectured on tiny making tiny animals out of abnormal objects. At first I was going to do an elephant but then i saw an example of one and didn’t want to copy it. So then I thought well I like lions, Ill just make a lion. After the lecture we all went back into the art room and thought about what animals we wanted to make. The next class we made our animals. I grabbed some weir and started twisting it around in a circle and found that it was very hard to bend. So then after other materials were laid out I looked at the and found the copper pieces very intriguing. Then i decided that i wanted to use the copper circles to be the legs of the lion and I hot glued them together.  Then I had cut up pieces of paper to make the lions main, then i folded the papers. then i used more copper for the body of the lion. finally i hot glued all of the main to the body.

guessing game

In class we numbered off into groups of four and had to pick two of the little word pictures we had made earlier. We had the whole classes to choose from and we then had to explore what word we thought was being described in the picture. The two pictures that my group picked we decided were aggressive and gloomy or troubled. The one we thought was aggressive had very diverse shapes and colors in it. the shapes were small but seemed almost trying to bullying each other and bother the other shapes. the use of black, white, and grey really made the picture pop more. also the shapes were layered not all touching the original black square paper which could be an interpretation of passive aggressive by letting this build up. the second picture we picked we thought was either gloomy or troubled. we thought this because of the white spiral that surrounded a little grey circle. the little grey circle on the center of the page seemed helpless and upset and almost like something bad was about to happened. it reminded me of like the eye of a storm. the spiral shape made the picture look like it was just never ending which added on to the gloomy effect. after each group had made up there minds on what they thought there pictures word was we presented to the class our guesses and explanations to them.


I worked the fundred dollar bill table in evans lasts wednesday for an hour and last monday for an hour. I made a few bills and help spreed the word about the soil in New Orleans. I also got a few friends to make some bills. I think this is a great idea and project. I really hope congress will agree to help with funding.

We had a leachure on elements of composition in class. There would be a picture on the screen that we had to discuss. I learned that placing different objects off center compared to the same object that is center makes your eye go back and forth between the two pictures and also that the off center picture looks wrong to the eye. We also learned that every line we see we relate to our physical selves. Also just by placing an object a certain way creates activity in your head and that western audiences read left to right so they will also read a picture left to right. Also that lines direct your eye and that the space at the edge of the page matters and defines a world. The relationship to the edge of the page creates understanding and tension. An intesering fact is that softer sounds corilate with softer shapes. The strength of the lines also influences the work and its meaning. I found it fashionating that the class could look at a bunch of lines and circles and come up with a story that discribes what is happening in the picture.


Scale- of object to frame, of object to object, between frames

Style- geometric or organic?

Value- high or low contrast? many grays or none?

Composition- position- relative to frame, relative to other elements, number of elements, many or few? why?

Next we had to design our own picture using a black square as our background, a grey piece of paper, a whit piece of paper, and a black piece of paper to decorate it with. Then we each drew a word out of a hat and had to draw that word using the materials. My word was intimate. First I had to lines laying onto of one another, then I had tow swirls going into on another in the shape of a heart. I had other ideas too but this was a one day in class assignment so I ended up making two rectangular shapes almost touching and coving each other using only the white paper. To me it reminded me of Klimt’s painting Kiss.